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Lean Plan Do - Construction Planner

6 Major Clients | 50+ Users/Project | 35 Projects

In simple terms, it's a time and cost management tool for construction companies.

Main users are contractors who build the site and clients who fund the project.

Our app makes sure both the party knows the schedule and cost spent in real time.

Our target users are mostly not tech savvy and till now uses conventional way (papers) of recording what ever happens at site. They need hours of training to use an application.

So we gave them a spreadsheet kinda looking Master Planner where the entire project's timeline is scheduled. And also it is visually represented automatically through Gantt view.

They are finding it lot easier comparing to a traditional 2D drawing plan or Excel sheet.

It's not just that, 3D version of the building can also be linked to the schedule. So users can see the project progress in 3D and that too in real time!

There are Sub Contractors also working under Main Contractor who works with actual labour can break down works as he wants. This Interesting and useful feature is called


This feature allows user to breakdown works for next few weeks which make the planning more and more reliable. It saves enormous amount of delays in construction which is why companies are liking our product.

To experience the app by yourself, click here


Summary is the most important thing for our users to keep using the system, so we made sure that they see meaningful data regularly. Our users take actions on pending items using dashboard data. This quick visual representations give them idea of

1. What's happening now

2. What went wrong

3. Where I have to take immediate actions

My Role as a Product Designer 💁‍♂️
  • The UX of this entire app is designed by myself as we are a small ( 8~10 members) tech team. Not just the interactions, I played a key role in solving construction users problems by providing digital solutions through Lean PlanDo.

  • Involved myself in client meetings directly to understand their business pain points and user's as well.

  • Conducted User researches with key members of a construction projects.

  • Every User flows are tested with our consultants who work directly with our clients

  • Constantly we were in touch with our users to collect continuous feedback

  • I work closely with developers to get the designs implemented as expected.

Lean PlanDo Design Process & Design System (Figma)

We have carefully designed the UI elements and interactions as we deal with lot of senior people. We identified their difficulties in using modern applications and provided corresponding solutions as given below

  1. Easily differentiable colour system

  2. Sufficient click area to reach touch points easily

  3. Industry related representations (icon, warning messages, etc.)

  4. Offline support in no-internet areas

  5. Familiar system resemblance (Spread sheet, Gantt, Dashboard)

Case Studies from clients

We are primarily working with Singapore government, Jurong Town Corporation

and our other Singapore clients and their case studies are,

This product has entered India this year (2022) and in successful talks with major players.

To learn more in our company and product please visit

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